149. George Philip & Son - Handy Atlas 1872


The timing of this atlas is interesting: George Philip & Son had published one county atlas in 1862 (see 141) before they also produced a set of smaller county maps that appeared in 1873 with maps by John Bartholomew as Philips' Handy Atlas originally containing 35 English county maps (some maps with two counties, for example Cambridge and Huntingdon), maps of the English railways, and of North and South Wales. However, many of the maps were issued about the same time as the atlas appeared as individual county maps with a special text and cover for school use; The Geography of Devonshire for Use in Schools was written by Rev. J P Faunthorpe MA, FRGS and first issued in 1872. John Pincher Faunthorpe graduated from London University in 1865, was ordained priest three years later and was Vice-Principal of St. John's College in Battersea and later the principal of Whitelands College in Chelsea. He wrote other geographies for schools, including Elementary Physical Atlas and Geography of the British Colonies.

The on-line listing COPAC lists only four county geographies. Gloucestershire (1872) written by Walton, Herefordshire (thought to be 1869/70) by Ikin; and Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire, both written by Faunthorpe and dated to 1872. Two other such geographies (of the Isle of Man and of South Wales) are dated to 1877, which is the date of the second edition known of Devon. As the booklet also has adverts for some 30 works as part of a Series of School Atlases published by George Philip and Son, there is a distinct possibility that the series was planned before the idea of an atlas but that once a sufficient number of counties had been produced, Philip decided to publish the maps as a Handy Atlas. As the preface to Devonshire is actually dated January 1872 (i.e. probably written in 1871), this would support the theory.



Faunthorpe's Geography of Devonshire included three sketch maps of the county1


Many of Philips’ maps appeared in directories: in 1873 some county maps were published as Butcher & Co`s Series of Directory Maps and in 1878 Eyre's Shilling County Guides appeared (Devon has not been seen in this form, but Eyre Brothers made extensive use of the Handy Atlas maps, see below). Devon may also have appeared as one of another series - Steven's Series of Directory Maps (London, G Stevens, 1884) as about 1893 Stevens' Postal Directories Publishing Co. produced a new set of directories with Philip’s maps.

The Eyre Brothers were active from 1877 to 1890 and produced a number of directory style works. Their Watering Places of the South of England (1877) and of the North of England both featured Philips maps and the former was issued as a 2nd Edition. The text of this 1877 work was extracted verbatim to produce a Guide to the Seaside and Visiting Resorts of Devon and Cornwall and has two Philips county maps. A Plymouth directory appeared in 1880 and has the Philips map. All of these issues except North England have a new title imprint across the top: Eyre Brothers´ Series of Guide Maps and some have adverts on the reverse.

 Extremely popular, being issued 15 times before the end of the century, Philip's Handy Atlas was re-issued post-1901 with a new map imprint: London Geographical Institute. George Philip & Son, Ltd. (London and Liverpool by George Philip, Son & Nephew). H Rider Haggard of King Solomon’s Mine fame wrote Rural England in 1902 which included a late edition of the Devon map with new overprinting of geological information.2 The map was adapted to include both physical and geological features and printed on the inside covers of the Cambridge County Geographies - Devonshire by Francis Knight and Louie Dutton - published from 1910.3 The plates were used until c.1938 (in Philips' Handy Administrative Atlas of England & Wales).

The same map - but much revised - was issued as late as 1941. Many publishers tapped in to the growing demand for school books as early as the late 1800s and Philips was no exception. The Visual Contour Atlas was specially prepared for schools and had the added bonus of being tailored to suit each county. A slim volume of brightly coloured maps it included four specially prepared maps designed for each county; thus the Devon volume has an area map (south west) and three maps of Devon. One of these is a map of the Administrative Divisions and is a revised version of the Handy Atlas map at the same size and scale.

Size: 194 x 145 mm.                                                                                                                                                     English Miles (12 = 25 mm).

THE COUNTY OF DEVON with scale, note on 3 Parliamentary areas and key (Ee). Imprint: GEORGE PHILIP & SON LONDON & LIVERPOOL (CeOS). Imprint [for this issue only]: PHILIPS’ EDUCATIONAL SERIES OF COUNTY MAPS (CaOS). No page number. Railways to date but Kingsbridge (along Avon river).

1.   1872 The Geography of Devonshire for use in Schools - by Rev. J. P. Faunthorpe MA, FRGS  
    London and Liverpool. George Philip & Son. 1872, 18774.  KB, C; TQ.
2. 1873 Top imprint removed. Plate number 9 (EaOS) and on reverse.  
    Philips' Handy Atlas Of The Counties Of England, By John Bartholomew  
    London and Liverpool. George Philip & Son. 1873.  C, TB, EB, BL, W, B.
 3.  1874        Plate number now EeOS, vertically. The railway Bideford-Torrington shown unclearly (obscured by river name), dotted line direct to Ilfracombe from Barnstaple (i.e. east route).  
    Philips' Handy Atlas Of The Counties Of England, By John Bartholomew  
    London and Liverpool. George Philip & Son. 1874.  NLS, TB, EB, W.
 4.  1876        Sign for railway stations added in key, frame has graticule based on 10 minutes of a degree. Letters A-G horizontally and numbers 1-6 vertically in the borders. Railways added: Ilfracombe (curved westwards) and Sidmouth. Some place names added, e.g. Portsmouth Arms (Torrington), Castle Hill (Sth Molton) and Eggesford near Chulmleigh.  
    Philips' Handy Atlas ... New And Revised Edition   
    London and Liverpool. George Philip & Son. 1876.  BL, W, C, EB, TB.
    Philips' Handy Atlas ... New And Revised Edition   
    London and Liverpool. George Philip & Son. 1877. TB, EB, KB.
5. 1877   Philip imprint erased and new added: EYRE BROTHERS’ SERIES OF GUIDE MAPS. (CaOS, measures 120 mm). 10, PATERNOSTER SQUARE, LONDON. (CeOS). No plate number. Signature added: J Bartholomew Edinr (EeOS). Railway from Watchet to Minehead added. Reverse has adverts for College in Torquay (top) and Pickard, Dairyman (below).  
    The Watering Places of the South of England  
    London. Eyre Bros. 1877.    KB, [USL].
 6. 1878    Eyre imprint: EYRE BROTHERS’ … and address as before (previous state) but imprint measures 80 mm. No plate number. Reverse has adverts for Torquay College (above) and Sopers Carriages (below).  
    Eyre's Guide to the Seaside and Visiting Resorts of Devon & Cornwall  
    London. Eyre Bros. 1878.   E5, KB.
    Eyre's Hotels Of The United Kingdom  
    London. Eyre Bros. (1879).     [BL, Bod, NLS, TCD].
 7. 1878        Philip imprints reinstated; references to Eyre and Bartholomew signature deleted. Railway to Hemyock.  
    Philips' Handy Atlas ... New And Revised Edition   
    London and Liverpool. George Philip & Son. 1878.  TB.
 8. 1880        Eyre imprint: EYRE BROTHERS’ and address as before (80 mm). No plate number. Reverse blank. Railway added as straight line to Holsworthy.7  
    Eyre Brothers´ Post Office Plymouth District Directory 1st Edition8  
    London. Eyre Brothers. 1880. NLS, KB.
9. 1879        Philip imprint replaces Eyre references. Extensive revisions, railway to Holsworthy route corrected with added towns in region, e.g. Halwell, Ashwater and Virginstow near Oakhampton. Ilfracombe line corrected (S not C shape, dotted line deleted) and road Torrington-Crediton added.  
    Philips' Handy Atlas ... New And Revised Edition      
    London and Liverpool. George Philip & Son. 1879.     TB.
10. 1878      EYRE BROTHERS’ imprint as before (80 mm). Address is now 26 & 27 (LATE 10) PATERNOSTER SQUARE, LONDON. (CeOS). Plate number 9. Reverse blank.  
    Eyre's Hotels Of The United Kingdom for 1881     
    London. Eyre Bros. 1881.  KB9.
 11. 1880      Philips imprint. Railway in Cornwall added with loop through Callington.  
    Philips' Handy Atlas ... New And Enlarged Edition10  
    London and Liverpool. George Philip & Son. 1880, (1881), 1882. TB, KB, EB; EB; TB, EB, KB.
12. 1882      Railway to Ashburton upgraded (thicker), line to Ashton/Christow added. Kingsbridge line deleted. The Sidmouth line has been slightly altered west of the River Otter before turning eastwards.  
    Philips' Handy Atlas ... New And Enlarged Edition    
     London and Liverpool. George Philip & Son. 1882, 1884, 1885.   W, TB, EB; TB, EB; TB.
13. 1885      Coloured to show the new political divisions according to the Redistribution Bill, 1885 with note: The colouring represents the Parliamentary Divisions each returning 1 member (Ee). New parliamentary divisions added. Railway Exeter-Bampton added. Railway to Princetown changed to solid line. Cornwall loop has short stretch deleted below Callington. Ashton/Christow line realigned (now bypasses Chudleigh). Maps may have DEVON printed on reverse.  
    Philips' Handy Atlas of the Counties of England including maps of North & South Wales, the Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man. Reduced from the Ordnance Survey      
    London and Liverpool. George Philip & Son. 1885, 1886.    TB, BL, RGS, KB; TB, NLS.
    Philips' Handy Atlas of the Counties of England  
    London, Brighton, New York. Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge. (1885).   TB.
    Philips' Handy Atlas    
     London and Liverpool. George Philip & Son. 1886.    BL, EB.
14.  1886        Page number deleted.  
    The Geography of Devonshire - Second Edition. Revised, Enlarged and Corrected    
    London and Liverpool. George Philip & Son. (1886).    KB.
15. 1887        Page number reinstated. Railway Launceston - Halwell added.  
    Philips' Handy Atlas  
    London and Liverpool. George Philip & Son. 1887, 1888, 1889, 1890.      BL, C, TB; TB, EB; EB; KB.
    Philips' Handy Atlas of the Counties of England    
     London, Brighton, New York. Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge. (1887).  TB.
16. 1892        L&SWR to Tavistock railway.11 Dotted boundary lines to Plymouth and Devonport  
    Philips' Handy Atlas        
    London and Liverpool. George Philip & Son. 1891, 1892, 1893, 1895.    CB; TB; EB, W; NLS.
17. 1895      Note added (Ee): NOTE. Railway stations marked 'Sta' bear the same names as their nearest town or village. Names of stations added on map. Kingsbridge line redrawn (no longer follows the line of the River Avon) and Launceston line into Cornwall added.  
    Philips' Handy Atlas ... with maps of the County of London, North & South Wales, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, ... The maps are coloured to show the political divisions ... shewing every railway station in England and Wales. ... New and Enlarged Edition  
     London and Liverpool. George Philip & Son. (1895), 1895, (1896), 1898.   TB; BL, C, W, KB; EB; B.
 18. 1898 Railway to Budleigh Salterton.   
     Philips' Handy Atlas  
     London: G Philip & Son. Liverpool: Philip, Son & Nephew. (1898), 1898, 1900.      BCL, KB; TB, EB; EB.

[1] The 3 small maps, approx. 65 x 70 mm, show a) Geology, b) Rivers and c) Mountains and Tablelands. In the Preface he states: Sketch-maps, of which specimens are given, should be frequently drawn on the black-board to illustrate the lessons; and it would be an excellent exercise if they were copied by the pupil after the lesson, or, still better, reproduced from memory.

[2] London, New York, Bombay; Longmans, Green, And Co.: The Devon map appeared in Volume One opposite page 175 and had an interesting note in the top left corner: Average weekly wage of ordinary labourers is frequently augmented by a cottage and garden, cider, and potato ground, all free.

[3] The two maps were given new titles, Physical Map Of Devon and Geological Map Of Devon.

[4] Second Edition, Revised, Enlarged and Corrected. This was also reissued circa 1886.

[5]  Catalogued as per title page but the binder has Eyres’ Guide to the Watering and Visiting Places of Devon & Cornwall on the cover.

[6] Advertised in Messenger’s Auction Catalogue 9.1.97 and 1879 is given in 1880 edition below.

[7] It is apparent that this was prepared almost a year before it was, in fact, used. It is clearly an interim state between the last and next states. There are also signs of erasure of a Bartholomew signature.

[8] Introduction is dated September, 1880: cover date is 1880-81.

[9] This guide (240pp) was a directory of hotels, clubs and hydropathic establishments and a gazetteer of every important watering place in Britain. It included 42 maps, engraved views of the hotels and many illustrated adverts.

[10] New And Enlarged Edition includes Scotland and Ireland.

[11] Some maps show new colouring: dots replaced by cross-hatching, vertical bars and wash; others still have dotted technique.