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This section is split into three chapters:

1. Reference Books Used in Preparation of this Cartobibliography

2. Books on Aspects of Mapping in Devonshire

3. Early Guide Books Concentrating on Devon

If you are aware of any oher books which should be included under one of these headings, please let us know.

1. Reference Books Used in Preparation of this Cartobibliography

Books used in research for this cartobibliography

Barker, K & Kain, R (Eds) Maps and History in S.-W. England University of Exeter Press 1991
Batten, K & Bennett, F Printed Maps of Devon 1575-1836 Devon Books 1996
Baynton-Williams, R Investing in Maps London 1969
Beresiner, Yasha British County Maps Antique Collectors’ Club 1983
Black, A & C  Adam & Charles Black 1807-1957 A & C Black 1957
Booker, Frank Industrial Archaeology of the Tamar Valley David & Charles 1967 (1974)
Burden, Eugene County Maps of Berkshire 1574-1900 Private printing 1988 (1991)
Carroll, Raymond County Maps of Lincolnshire 1574-1900 Lincs Record Society 1996
Chubb, Thomas The Printed Maps in the Atlases of G. Britain and Ireland London 1972
Fordham, Sir H G John Cary, Engraver and Map Seller Cambridge 1910
Gardiner, Leslie Bartholomew 150 years J Bartholomew & Son Ltd 1976
Hodgkiss, A G Discovering Antique Maps Shire Publications Ltd 1988
Hodson, Donald The Printed maps of Hertfordshire   1974
IMCoS IMCoS Journal International Map Collectors’ Society Quarterly
JoPHS Journal of the Printing Historical Society No. 27 Printing Historical Society 1998
Keir, David The House of Collins Collins 1952
Kingsley, David Printed Maps of Sussex Sussex Record Society 1982
Lister, W B C A Bibliography of Murray’s Dereham Books 1993
Liveing, Edward  Adventure in Publishing - The House of Ward & Lock Ward, Lock & Co., Ltd 1954
The Map Collector Issues 1978-1995   Quarterly
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Nowell-Smith, Simon The House of Cassell Cassell & Co. Ltd 1958
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Sellman, R R  Aspects of Devon History Devon Books 1962 (1985)
Smith, Martin The Railways of Devon Ian Allen Publishing 1993
Smith, David Victorian Maps of the British Isles Batsford Books 1985
Somers Cocks, J V Devon Topographical Prints   1977
St. John Thomas, David Regional History of The Railways, Vol I David & Charles 1988
Thompson, Victor Back Along The Lines - North Devon's Railways Badger Books 1983
Todd, William B A Directory of Printers Printing Historical Society (PHS) 1972
Tooley, R V Maps and Mapmakers Batsford Books 1987
Tooley, R V & Bricker, C Landmarks of Mapmaking Wordsworth 1989
Twyman, Michael A Directory of London Lithographic Printers P H S 1976
Twyman, Michael The British Library Guide to Printing British Library 1998
Vaughan, John The English Guide Book c.1780-1870 David & Charles 1974
 Worms, L & Baynton-Williams, A British Map Engravers* Rare Book Society  2011

* This book, by Laurence Worms and Ashley Baynton-Williams, was published nearly twelve years after Victorian Maps of Devon first appeared but is currently the best source of information on British map engravers to 1850 (although many continued to work after that period). It is hoped to bring the text sections up to date using their findings.

Tony Burgess was the first to post a cartobibliography of English County Maps on the web: Old Maps of Kent can be accessed via


In addition to the work quoted above, David Smith has done a lot of research into the major printers, publishers and engravers of the nineteenth century and much has been published in magazines and journals. The following is a brief list of his publications concerning figures mentioned in this cartobibliography:

The Philip Family Firm The Map Collector 38 1987
George Frederick Cruchley The Map Collector 49 1989
200 Years of W H Smith The Map Collector 60 1992
George Washington Bacon The Map Collector 65 1993
William Blackwood & Sons Mercator's World Vol. 1.5 1996
Cassell & Co. IMCoS Journal 70 1997
A & C Black IMCoS Journal 71 1997
Gall & Inglis IMCoS Journal 73 1998
The Business of the Bartholomew Family Firm IMCoS Journal 75 1998
The Cartography of the Bartholomew Family Firm IMCoS Journal 76 1999
The Business of W & A K Johnston IMCoS Journal 82 2000


The IMCoS Journal is the official publication of the International Map Collectors’ Society. This appears four times a year and is recommended for people who love early (and not so early) maps.

2. Books on Aspects of Mapping in Devonshire

Devon is one of the best researched counties in England and Wales in terms of its mapping and over the past 15 years a large number of important books have been published detailing some of the thousands of maps representing parts of the county. The following is a useful resource list of books including aspects of Devon mapping. If you are aware of any further works which would be useful to those researching Devon's history through maps and charts, please let us know.  

Barker, Katherine & Kain, R Maps & History in South-West England University of Exeter Press 1991
Batten, Kit & Bennett Francis The Printed Maps of Devon 1575-1837* Devon Books (private printing) 1996 (2008)
Batten, Kit & Bennett Francis The Victorian Maps of Devon 1838-1901* Devon Books (private printing) 2000 (2010)
Batten, Kit & Bennett, Francis The Printed Maps of Exeter 1587-1901# Little Silver Press 2010
Batten, Kit Christopher Saxton and his Map of Devonshire Monograph (copy at EWSL) 1990
Batten, Kit John Cooke Engraver and Publisher* Monograph (copy at EWSL) 2009
Batten, Kit The Tourist Maps of Devon 1810-1901* Little Silver Press 2012
Bennett, Francis Road-Books, Road-Maps of Great Britain 1535-1850* Privately Printed & Published 2007
Bennett, Francis The Roads of Devon and Cornwall* Privately Printed & Published 2007
Gray, Todd (Ed.) Devon Documents Devon & Cornwall Notes & Queries 1996
Gray, Todd (Ed.) Tudor and Stuart Devon (Essay on John Hooker) University of Exeter Press 1992
Harley and O’Donoghue The Old Series Ordnance Survey Maps Harry Margery 1977
Kain, Roger Tithe Maps of England and Wales Cambridge University Press 1995
Ravenhill, M and Rowe, M Maps of Georgian Devon (selection of manuscript maps) Friends of Devon’s Archives 2002
Ravenhill, M and Rowe, M Devon Maps and Map-Makers (pre-1840 m/s maps) Friends of Devon’s Archives 2002
Ravenhill, M and Rowe, M Early Devon Maps (selection of manuscript maps) Friends of Devon’s Archives 2000
Ravenhill, W L D A Map of the County of Devon (B Donn's map) Devon & Cornwall Record Soc. 1965
Somers Cocks, J V Devon Topographical Prints 1660-1870 (lists local engravers' works) Devon Library Services 1977
Stewart, Elisabeth Lost Landscapes of Plymouth Alan Sutton 1991

* Please note; the authors have a few hard copies of these volumes for sale. Please contact me if you are interested. The Victorian Maps of Devon is still available; price 15 pounds sterling which includes free P&P to UK addresses.

# The Printed Maps of Exeter is available from the Devon Heritage Centre in Exeter; price 12 pounds sterling including free P&P to UK addresses.

In addition Devon County Council maintain a superb internet site with many wonderful articles produced by the Exeter Westcountry Studies Library. For a short overview of mapping go to their home site at and click Devon Maps on the Find Out More section. In the 1990s and early 2000s a lot of work and research was put into Exeter Working Papers covering all aspects of the book and print trade. For the index to go to

There is also a very good site devoted to Exeter, produced and maintained by David Cornforth at

3. Early Guide Books Concentrating on Devon

For those interested in early travel books (besides those containing maps), the following may be of interest[1].

Butler, J    P O Hutchinson's Travels in Victorian Devon Devon Books  2000
Chope, R P  Early Tours in Devon & Cornwall David & Charles  1967
Defoe, D London to Land's End  Cassell & Co. 1888
Gray and Rowe  Travels in Georgian Devon (5 vols) Halsgrove Press   1997
Gray, T (editor) Devon Documents[2] Devon & Cornwall Notes & Queries 1996
Hunt, P Payne's Devon Devon Books  1986
Jones, J P A Botanical Tour ... Devon Treadwin / Whittaker    1820
Williams, T H  A Tour to the North of Devon Murray / Highley   1802

[1] With acknowledgement to the GenUKi website which has a very good listing of works worth reading: .

[2] Includes Christine North's essay on William Wynne (see Introduction).