We would like to thank the following for their permission to use illustrations making it possible for this to be a fully-illustrated county bibliography (numbers refer to map references as used in the List of Maps):

117A (cover), 133, 148, 160, 177 are reproduced by permission of the Devon Archives and Local Studies Library, Exeter (see below).

127 is reproduced by permission of the late Tony Burgess.

136.8 is reproduced by permission of Malcolm Woodward.

150.1 is reproduced by permission of Plymouth Library.

158 is reproduced by permission of the Bodleian Library, Oxford.

173, 180 are reproduced by permission of the Trustees of the National Library of Scotland.

167, 179 are reproduced by permission of the late Eugene Burden.

169.4 is reproduced by permission of the Royal Geographical Society.

140, 151, 181 are reproduced by permission of British Library.

All other illustrations are taken from maps in possession of the authors. If we have inadvertently used an illustration without giving acknowledgement, please let us know.

Large portions of the collections of Kit Batten and Francis Bennett (pre-1837) were acquired by the Westcountry Studies Library in Exeter in spring 1997. The Westcountry Studies Library possessed one of the country's best collections of a county’s maps. We would like to thank all the staff there who gave us unlimited access to their holdings during the initial preparation of our two cartobibliographies on Devon maps.

Please note that since original publication of Victorian Maps the West Country Studies Library has now reopened as Devon Archives and Local Studies under the South West Heritage Trust. All illustrations from their collection are Reproduced by kind permission of Devon Archives & Local Studies.

Documents held at Devon Archives are in copyright. Copying, printing, reproducing or sharing images of them on this website is not permitted.

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Permission 2020/SP/32

Thanks must go to all the staff at the libraries we have visited or been in contact with by snail-mail or electronic post. A full list of these will be found in the References section.

 My own special thanks must go to the late Eugene Burden. His friendship and flow of information at a critical period in my map collecting has, ultimately, led to the publication of two books and the creation of this website and to The Printed Maps of Devon website. He kindly provided me with one of the early copies of his own research (on Berkshire) which spurred me on to continue doing the same for Devon. Tony Burgess and David Webb have been a great help, providing information and assistance at every step.

I was also lucky enough to meet Francis Bennett around the same time and without his input this work (and on Printed Maps) would never have been possible: more than half of the content is realy down to his footslogging through the libraries of Britain. I am grateful for the friendship he showed: his passing is a sad loss. This work is really a tribute to him.