141. George Philip & Son - Atlas of the Counties 1862


George Philip (b.1799) was a Scotsman who established his bookselling business as geographical publisher and globe maker in Liverpool in 1834. His son, George II, joined the business in 1848, and a nephew, Thomas, in 1851: the firm traded as George Philip & Son thereafter. The firm moved to premises at 32 Fleet St, London in 1856. In 1879 there was talk of merging with J Bartholomew, but this did not materialise.1 The Philips produced two very popular county atlases, both with many issues up to the end of the century: Philips' Atlas of the Counties of England appeared c.1862 which was one of the first series of printed coloured county maps and Philips' Handy Atlas (149).The maps belonging to the former atlas would apear to have been issued as folding maps in covers very early, possibly as son as they were ready, so predating the atlas.

In 1876 the maps were issued with The Pictorial World - An Illustrated Weekly Newspaper and had new titles and subsequently seem to have been issued by James Wyld in covers with his imprint (three counties known; Lincoln quoted by Carroll; Devon described below; and Surrey was sold on Ebay in August 2014). Although the map detail dates the Wyld issue of Devonshire to circa 1870-74, the advertising paste-ins on the inside cover mention a map of Greece, New Boundary 1881. Thus it is an earlier sheet but used in covers several years later. Carroll (1996, p. 314) reports a loose sheet map of Lincolnshire with a Wyld label of about the same date (1879-1883): this is actually another dissected map in Wyld covers. The map of Lincoln has the note on the map of Greece and also an alternative address on the cover label (not on the Devon cover): 457 Strand. According to Eugene Burden this was sold in 1883, suggesting the Devon map was on sale about this time. Thus the maps in Wyld covers would appear to have been sold just after they had appeared in the Pictorial World (see 141.4 and 5) and the Lincoln edition fits with this date. However, the Devon map seems to be an earlier state and, additionally, neither of these Wyld maps has a title (e.g. no Devonshire), even though all other states of Philips' maps have the county as title. This would suggest removal of the Pictorial World title and omitting to replace it with the original title. The next issue of Philips' atlas sees reinstatement of the title. Although not inspected, the photos of the Surrey map seem to suggest it was a later Weller (136) issue and not a Philips map.

Using the latest techniques and up-to-date equipment George Philip and Son constantly updated their maps to include the progress of the railways and often adapted them for other uses, e.g. as cyclists' maps. These included information such as signs for hills, Cyclists' Touring Club agents, repairers and hotels. Seven of these, including Devon, were adapted for C Arthur Pearson (c.f.) and appeared in 1897 in Pearson's Athletic Record - 'every Wednesday morning. Price 1d. Full of interest to cyclists and all other sportsmen. One of these maps will be given each week.

Exploiting the county map plates, the Way-About series of gazetteer guides appeared in the late 1800s. A number of these, including Devon, were based on one county, others were regional. Devon was No. 15 in the series and a folding map was placed opposite the title page. Another guide, Dodwell’s Pocket County Companion, by Robert Dodwell appeared at approximately the same time. The plan was to produce a series of 41 mainly county guides. Allday’s Guide to Paignton included a map of most of Devon taken from the same plates.2 Philips also produced model county maps printed on a cardboard sheet with a titled cover Junior Philips' Model County Maps. A county and relief map it was intended for educational purposes and contained a lot of detail about the county as well as historical notes on the front and back.

Size: 410 x 335 mm.                                                                                                                                         English Miles (10 = 48 mm).

DEVONSHIRE (Ee).  Imprint: GEORGE PHILIP & SON. LONDON & LIVERPOOL (CeOS). Printer's signature: Drawn and Engraved by J Barholomew & Sons (EEos). Border is plain four line frame. Railways to Bideford, Tiverton, Plymouth-Tavistock, Goodrington (Churston Ferrers) and Exmouth.

1. 1862  Folded map mounted on card possibly from ...   
    Philips' New Series Of County Maps- ..... - From The Ordnance Survey. See note above. (BL), B.
2. 1865 Signature: BY J. BARTHOLOMEW, F.R.G.S. under the title now replaces previous signature.  
    Philips' Atlas Of The Counties Of England  
    London and Liverpool. George Philip & Son. 1865, 1868. GPL, Liv.



Projected railways added to Launceston, Kingsbridge, Kingswear and Brixham, Ashburton, Widdicombe (?) and Moreton Hampstead and Dartmoor Loop as far as Oakhampton.  
    Philips' Atlas Of The Counties Of England  
    London and Liverpool. George Philip & Son. 1868. KB.



Folding map in covers with no title and no map title. Key added with railway symbols. The map is graticuled on a 10’ grid; 1-7 vertical and B-L horizontal. Railways to Minehead, Torrington, Dartmoor Loop,3 Launceston, Kingswear, Ashburton, Kingsbridge, Moreton Hampstead, Barnstaple-Taunton and Seaton. Projected railways (two thin parallel lines) to Sampford Courteney from Torrington, to Holsworthy and Bude, Budleigh Salterton and Ashton. Ilfracombe railway shows erroneous eastern route via Bittadon. Map has label added (CeOS) with imprint: JAMES WYLD, Geographer to the Queen, 11 & 12 CHARING CROSS, S.W. The same address is on Wyld label on cover. Small line decoration (CaOS). Stickers on inside covers offering Wyld products: one is dated New Boundary 1881.  
    Folding map with no map title and no name on cover label. 1870 (1881).  
3. 1874   DEVONSHIRE (Ee). Imprint: GEORGE PHILIP & SON. LONDON & LIVERPOOL (CeOS). Note below key: The colouring represents the Parliamentary Divisions & Parliamentary Boroughs. Plate number- 9 - (EeOS vertical). Ilfracombe line reduced to proposed but still easterly.  
    Philips' Atlas Of The Counties Of England Reduced From The Ordnance Survey   
    London and Liverpool. George Philip & Son. 1874, 1875, 1876, 1880. SGL; BL, Liv, W; BL; W.
4. 1876 Issued as supplement to paper with statistics of county printed on back. Title: THE PICTORIAL WORLD MAP OF DEVONSHIRE (CaOS) and new imprint: Supplement to the Pictorial World. May 27th 1876 (AaOS). Publisher's imprint and plate no. deleted.  
    The Pictorial World - An illustrated Weekly Newspaper  B4.
 5. 1880   As state 3 without the Supplement imprint.  
    The Pictorial World - An illustrated Weekly Newspaper                                                     W.
6. 1881    All Pictorial World references deleted. Philip imprint, 58 mm long, and plate number reinstated. Projected railway from Tiverton to Bampton (thin lines). Projected to Salcombe Regis near Sidmouth and Ilfracombe (west route) – both dotted.  
    Philips' Atlas Of The Counties Of England... New Edition ... Complete with Consulting Index  
     London and Liverpool. George Philip & Son. (1881).  KB.
 7. 1883   Imprint is 65 mm long. Railway to Ashton (but no station), Projected routes from Launceston to Cornwall deleted.  
    Philips' Atlas Of The Counties Of England... New Edition,... Complete Consulting Index  
     London and Liverpool. George Philip & Son. 1883.  Midd.
 8. 1885  Railway from Exeter to Bampton replaces proposed line. Station at Ashton.5  
     Philips' Atlas Of The Counties Of England ... New Edition ...  
     London and Liverpool. George Philip & Son. 1885.  BL, C.
    Philips' New Series Of County Maps - Devonshire from the Ordnance Survey - Special Edition  
     London. G Philip & Son. (1885). EB, KB6.
    Philips' Atlas Of The Counties Of England  
    London & Liverpool. George Philip & Son. 1889, (1890).  W; [TB, DH].
9. 1885 This issue only: folded in cloth case or mounted on card. Principal roads are marked with red arrows and coded H, X and C for recommended hotels, Cyclists Touring Club agents and cycle repairs. Note on colouring removed.  
    Philips' Cyclist's Map of the County of Devon  
    London & Liverpool. George Philip & Son. (1885).  BL, B, E.
10. 1886 As state 8 with proposed railways Launceston-Halwill and L&SWR to Plymouth as pecked lines.  
    Loose sheet possibly from an atlas.                         (KB).
11. 1890 Launceston-Halwill line; line to Kingsbridge reinstated; line continues into Cornwall at Launceston; L&SWR line to Tavistock. Plate no and note Railways under construction deleted.  
    Philips' New Series Of County Maps Devonshire From The Ordnance Survey Cloth Edition.  
    London. G Philip & Son. (1890). KB.
12. 1894 New imprint: ILIFFE & SON. MAP PRINTERS. COVENTRY & LONDON7. Table of Parliamentary members and colouring note deleted. No DEVON on reverse.  
    The Way About Devonshire - No. 15. ... H S Vaughan ... (Size folded 180 x 95 mm.)  
     London. Iliffe & Son. (18948). KB, Pl, TQ.
13. 1896 New imprint: George Philip & Son, 32 Fleet St. E.C. (EeOS). Note on parliamentary members reinstated.  
    Devonshire Pocket County Companion ... compiled by Robert Dodwell ...   
    London. Tylston & Edwards and A P Marsden. 1896. TQ, KB.
14. 1896 This issue only. Principal roads marked with red arrows and coded H, X and C (see state 9). Note on colouring removed. Railways into Cornwall from Holsworthy, Budleigh Salterton, Barnstaple-Linton and Plymouth-Yealmpton. Imprint: GEORGE PHILIP & SON. LONDON & LIVERPOOL (CeOS).  
     Philips' Cyclists’ Map of the County of Devon  
     London & Liverpool. George Philip & Son. (1896). KB9.
15. 1896

Railways as black solid line. Cornish border includes Borough and Court deleted at Clovelly. Imprint as last.

    Philips' Atlas Of The Counties Of England - Special Edition10  
    London and Liverpool. George Philip & Son. (1896). KB.
    Philips' Atlas Of The Counties Of England  
    London and Liverpool. George Philip & Son. 1896, 1899, 190011.               [P12]; [P13]; W.
16. 1897 The maps have been photographically reduced in size, have added cycling information, and bear the note Pearson`s `Athletic Record` County Cycling Maps No ... 14  
    Pearson's Athletic Record assumed.
    London. C A Pearson. 1897.  

[1] L Gardiner; 1976; p.24.

[2] J L Allday produced Allday’s Paignton and South Devon. Illustrated Guide with Maps (Babbicombe and Birmingham); see state 8 and Kit Batten; The Tourist Maps of Devon; Little Silver Press; 2012; p.2.

[3] A short stretch from Mary Tavy to Longstone appears incomplete, possibly an engraver’s mistake.

[4] The British Library has only copies of Berks, Bucks, Essex and Lincs. According to COPAC, the NLS and V&A libraries have copies covering the period 1874 to 1892. Bristol University library only has year 1875 and the John Rylands library, Manchester, has 1882. The London publisher is given as T G Ramell.

[5] Allday’s Paignton and South Devon Illustrated Guide with Map: Babbacombe and Birmingham; J L Allday (1890) has a transfer of the south part of the map retaining the portion south of Torrington and re-titled. The map has a new title SOUTH DEVON and DARTMOOR (370 x 410 mm); it retains old scale bar, 10 = 58mm, and key but has a North point (Ed). The Kingsbridge line is deleted.

[6] From Philips’ Popular Series Of County Maps. Folded 154 x 100 mm and issued in red or green covers.

[7] Although David Smith (1985) reports that only Surrey, Kent, Warwick, Derby, Norfolk, Suffolk, Sussex and Hertford were actually produced, the inside cover of Devon has Norfolk and Suffolk as one guide giving those above as the first seven volumes plus in addition Middlesex, Hereford and Oxford (8 - 10) with guides covering South Wales, the Lake District, Hampshire with the Isle of Wight (11 - 13) and Devon (no 14 listed). An advert at the back also lists Somerset, Essex, Northumberland with Durham, Ireland and East Anglia. Eugene Burden (1991) writes that Berkshire was no. 20

[8] Most illustrations are dated 1894 and there is an advert for a Cyclist's Road Book of 1895.

[9] Two identical copies known; one has George Philip & Son, Ltd in imprint (inside cover).

[10] Atlas with no title page. Cover title as given with: – Shewing the new parliamentary divisions.

[11] The atlas was reprinted 1904-5, the maps now have the imprints: LONDON: THE GEOGRAPHICAL INSTITUTE; 32 FLEET STREET. LIVERPOOL: PHILIP SON & NEPHEW, 45-51 SOUTH CASTLE ST.

[12] A copy once owned by D Kingsley.

[13] Listed in Whitaker, The Printed Maps of Northampton; 1948, but no copy has been seen since.

[14] David Smith (1985, p. 300) writes that only Surrey, Kent, Hertford, Essex, Sussex, Devon and Derby were issued; Eugene Burden (1991, p. 194) writes that eight were produced. COPAC has only the following six maps individually listed for BL: 1. Surrey,  2. Middlesex, 3. Kent, 4. Hertfordshire, 5. Essex, 6. Sussex. The BL holds (compiled annual volumes?) 1897, 1898 and 1899.