136a. Edward Weller - Weekly Dispatch I 1858-1864


Between 1858 and 1862 maps of the counties were printed in the Weekly Dispatch newspaper. These were engraved by Edward Weller, Benjamin Rees Davies, T Ettling, J W Lowry and John James Dower (whose father engraved a Devon map for Moule, 111) and lithographed by Weller or Day & Son Lithographer to the Queen. The plates were taken over first by Cassell, Petter and Galpin and later by G W Bacon (see next entries 136b and 136c). 

Devon was printed on two sheets, appearing in November 1858 and April 1859, the date being embossed: these were removed when the atlas was reissued. However, some atlases contain maps with and without the embossed emblem implying that some of the first atlases used up sheets prepared for distribution with the newspaper. Sometimes the maps had page numbers vertically (EeOS): a copy in the author's collection has no. 22 on the South sheet; and the 1863 edition in the Whitaker collection has a blind stamp - 16 - on reverse of North sheet. The South Division map is incorrect: Thornecombe had been exchanged for Stockland and Dalwood in 1842.

Devon was engraved by Edward Weller, a very successful engraver who produced work for McLeod (140); for Collins County Geographies; for Philips' Atlas of the Counties, and he also produced maps for John Murray, e.g. the town plans of Plymouth and Exeter. His son, Francis Sidney Weller, also produced a large number of maps including some in the Comprehensive Gazetteer (1894) and for natural histories (e.g. Lincs).

A map of Cornwall has been seen taken from the Weller plates. This was printed on paper, carefully folded and bound into a dark green, cloth covered booklet measuring 55 x 48 mm. The pale green title sheet – E C Allee’s Waistcoat Pocket Map of Cornwall Shewing all the Railway & Stations – was pasted on the front with the name of the county pasted over.

Size: 300 x 425 mm.                                                                                                                                       British Statute Miles (15 = 95 mm).

DEVONSHIRE (SOUTH DIVISION) BY EDWD WELLER. F.R.G.S. (Ee) surmounted by small engraving of Mercury flying over a ‘half’ globe, which has a ribbon with THE DISPATCH ATLAS. Imprint: Weekly Dispatch Atlas 139 Fleet Street (AeOS), Signatures: E Weller Lithogr (CeOS) and Engraved by Edwd Weller, Duke Street, Bloomsbury (EeOS). Map has embossed emblem in top left corner outside map - SUPPLEMENT TO THE  WEEKLY DISPATCH OF SUNDAY NOVR 21ST 1858. Bristol and Exeter Railway to Exeter. South Devon Railway to Tor Mohan, Plymouth, and Taw Valley Railway to map border.


DEVONSHIRE (NORTH DIVISION) BY EDWD WELLER. F.R.G.S. (Ea) surmounted Mercury with THE DISPATCH ATLAS. Imprint (AeOS) and signatures (CeOS and EeOS) as above. Map has embossed emblem in top left corner outside map - SUPPLEMENT TO THE  WEEKLY DISPATCH OF SUNDAY APRIL 17TH 1859. Bristol and Exeter Railway to Exeter including Tiverton branch. South Devon Railway to border and North Devon Railway to Bideford.

1. 1858/59 The Weekly Dispatch  
    London. Weekly Dispatch Office. 1858 (south) and 1859 (north). (KB).
2. 1863           Without the embossed emblem of Weekly Dispatch.  
    The Dispatch Atlas  
    London. Weekly Dispatch Office. 1863. BL, C, RGS, BCL, CB, W.
    Cassell's Complete Atlas  
    London. Cassell, Petter and Galpin. (1864). C, TB.
    Folded and mounted on card with marbled end cover as part of set.                          (RGS).