182. Harry Inglis 1901


James Gall (1783-1874) set up his own printing business in Edinburgh in 1810 concentrating on religious works (and publishing the St John's gospel for the blind!). His son, also James, joined the business in 1838 and the firm traded as James Gall & Son, until James junior left the business to become a minister for the Church of Scotland in 1847. Robert Inglis joined the company in the same year and the variety of works, both published and printed, increased. Robert married James’ daughter, cementing the relationship. His brother, Henry Robert Gall Inglis, joined the firm in 1887. James Gall senior died in 1874, at the age of 91, and the two brothers died in 1939.

One of Gall and Inglis’ innovations was the reintroduction of the strip road map. This represented roads as straight lines and in their Contour Road Book series these were seen in elevation, thus making clear to cyclists the hazardous stretches of road. They produced their "Contour" Road Book of England in three parts, each covering a division, e.g. the Northern Division (1897). The third volume, covering the Western Division, appeared in 1901 with a preface dated 1900; This volume covering Wales, the Midlands, and South-West, completes the "Contour" Road Book of England in three volumes. Sectional maps of the division preceded the strip maps with their elevations. Although sheets 39 and 40 do not show Devon completely (everything east of Cullompton is on sheet 37), this maphas been included as it does cover the majority of the county.

Further issues appeared as the complete Contour Road Book of England, the Western Division and in an abridged form  The Royal Road Book Of Great Britain. Although not great innovators Gall & Inglis provided the hobby traveller with cheap and affordable maps and they became important suppliers of mass-produced maps.

Size: 140 x 170 mm.                                                                                                                                                                            No Scale.

No title. Sheet no. 39 (AaOS) and 40 (EaOS). Note at top of sheet Continuation North 34.  Map of Devon and Cornwall from Lands End to Tiverton with the southwest promontary from Truro in inset (Aa).

Railways are shown to date, i.e. no line to Budleigh Salterton or Ashton to Exeter.

1. 1901 The "Contour" Road Book of England. Western Division. By Harry Inglis.  
    London & Edinburgh. Gall & Inglis. (1901).  KB.