181. Ordnance Survey 1901


As well as the index maps produced by the Ordnance Survey during the latter years of the nineteenth century one county map was also published at the beginning of the twentieth century. In 1901, using information gathered during the re-survey of Devon, a one-sheet map of Devonshire was printed and published at a scale of four miles to an inch.

Devon was one of the last counties to be re-surveyed, somewhat ironically as it had been one of the first to be surveyed. This new map made use of the latest research and was published by D A Johnston, the then Royal Engineers Director General. All OS sheet maps would have been available singly, including the index maps. This particular single sheet map was available at 6d for the sheet, but could be bought folded in a cover for a further 3d.

The map was the same size as those produced in 1885 and 1888 (162 and 164) and the coast was similar. However, far more detail has been added including minor roads, cliff shading with an attempt to show parks and gardens or forested areas. Whereas all earlier maps only showed Devon, this map has a similar amount of detail in surrounding counties as in Devonshire (printed centrally across the county) and is probably taken from a transfer of England and Wales. The map has a standard rectangular frame and all references are below this frame.

The 6" sheets were revised about 1901: these had been published by the then Director General of the OS, General Sir C W Wilson in 1893; revised again in 1897 and republished by the Director General, Col. J Farquharson in 1898. The next issue was 1906 when the sheets were revised with up to date railway information.

Size: 490 x 590 mm.                                                                                                       Scale of Four Miles to One Inch (10+20 = 190 mm) Miles.

DEVONSHIRE (CeOS) with imprints ORDNANCE SURVEY OF ENGLAND AND WALES (AaOS) and PARTS OF SHEETS (EaOS). From left to right below the map are a key, Price, Scale Bar with note on altitudes below it and copyright (centrally), Note on rights of way and three signatures: Revised in 1893-98 and Published by Colonel D A Johnston, RE Director General. 1901 and Printed at the Ordnance Survey Office, Southampton in 1901 and Reduced from the One Inch Map. Railways to Plymouth, Exeter to Torrington, through Okehampton, both lines to Tavistock, Launceston to Bodmin, LSWR through Holsworthy and Bude, Exmouth, Seaton, Sidmouth, Dartmouth, Brixham, Hemyock, Taunton to Barnstaple, Lynton, Launceston to Halwill, Ilfracombe, Ashton, Exeter to Morebath (Bampton), Tiverton, Ashburton, Kingsbridge, Yealmpton, Budleigh Salterton and Moreton Hampstead.

1. 1901 Ordnance Survey Of England And Wales - Devonshire  
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