143. Walter J Sackett 1864


In 1864 Walter J Sackett lithographed A New Set of Diocesan Maps which was issued in parts . This work was by James Thomas Law (1790-1876) prebendary of Lichfield 1818, and Chancellor 1821, and William Francis, who (according to the introduction) took over much of the pre-press work when Law’s eyesight started to fail.

The various dioceses were each bound into a blue file - Devon being No.9. Diocese of Exeter. On the reverse of the title page there is an introductory letter to the Students of Lichfield Technical College and a preface by J T Law dated Nov 1st 1864. This is followed by a Synopsis of the Diocese with half of the Arch Deaconery and an index on the reverse, the remainder being stuck to the west side of the map with the east side stuck to the blue cover.

The map extends into the border at four places (including Ilfracombe and Land’s End) and at Lizard Point the map has been curiously trimmed to extend part of the sheet by approximately 2 cm in order to include part of the labelling.

The map is preceded by two pages listing the various parishes under curacies, vicarages, parsonages and rectorates. On the page backing the map (actually 2 pages pasted back to back) there is a further index map. This is also titled Exeter is approximately 80 x 60 mm and has no border (see below). The same imprint of Sackett is found under the listing.


Index map on reverse

James Thomas Law also published a set of lectures: Lectures on the First and Subsequent Divisions of the Kingdom into Provinces and Dioceses: and the rearrangement of Dioceses by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, delivered to the Students of the Theological College, Lichfield. This was published by Stevens and Sons in London as well as the local Lichfield firm of Thomas George Lomax (1868). This work included four maps of England and Wales: Map of the Saxon Heptarchy; Map of 1835 Dioceses; Proposed Dioceses; and Present Boundaries of the Dioceses. Three of these are signed Drawn by Revd W F Francis. The work was dedicated to Dean Howard of Lichfield.

Size: 365 x 500 mm.                                                                                                                                          No scale bar[Scale 1M = 2 mm.]

Exeter: (Aa). Imprint: W J Sackett, Printer, & Lithographer, II, Bull St. Birmm. (CeOS). The map extends beyond the border in four places (see illustration). Inset map of the SCILLY ISLANDS (Ac). Arms of the Bishop (Ba).

1. 1864 A New Set Of Diocesan Maps. By James Thos. Law, and William F. Francis                    
    (Birmingham). (Sackett). 1864.                                                                            BL, C1, W.

[1] This collection of the 27 dioceses has no title.