172. John Lloyd Warden Page - The Coasts of Devon 1895


Warden Page (1858-1916), a west country historian and geographer, had already produced a book on Devon, The Rivers Of Devon in 1893 (170). Possibly as a companion volume he wrote The Coasts Of Devon which appeared in 1895. To complete his book a map of the coast of Devon was bound in after the last page (p. 437).

The map was drawn by Page and is signed by him. A large number of views are included in his book, some by Page, and others signed by Alexander Anste. The book was printed and published by Horace Cox who had premises at Windsor House in Bream’s Building in east London.1

The map, as the title suggests, shows all the coast, rivers and most of the important tributaries. It also shows the railway with the Great Western and London and South Western lines labelled, only major roads are shown and Dartmoor is sketchily drawn but the heights of most of the better known tors (and some other hills such as Dunkery Beacon on the Somerset border) are shown. The map is very similar to that in The Rivers Of Devon.

Size: 345 x 325 mm.                                                                                                                                                                4 Miles = 1 Inch.

MAP OF THE COASTS OF DEVON (Ea) and explanation to roads, railways and elevations. Signature: J Ll Warden Page 1895 (Ae). Inset map LUNDY ISLD. (Aa).

1.  1895 The Coasts Of Devon And Lundy Island  
    London. Horace Cox. 1895. BL, BRL, MCL, TM, E.

[1] Cox & Barnett were registered at 6 Bream's Bldgs in Chancery Lane 1816-1823 according to Todd (1972).