169. Ordnance Survey 1892


A large number of maps of Devon, based on, and produced by, the Ordnance Survey work were becoming available between 1885 and 1900. These were mostly taken from the updating of Devon being executed at about the same time. As seen (162 and 164) some of these were used to show the new divisions or the sanitary districts etc but one was simply a single sheet map of the county with the additional listings of characteristics and parishes. This was followed by a second map, revised from the first, forming  an index to the various sheet numbers of the six inch scale maps available. The maps showed the names and/or reference letters and boundaries of the Parliamentary Divisions, towns and parishes. It was printed with and without a border. This map can be differentiated from the earlier (1891, 164.3) map which was superimposed by the sheetlines and reference numbers of the 1-inch and 6-inch Ordnance Survey maps and the sheetlines of the 25-inch maps by the lack of detail in the earlier map. The later map has a fair amount of road detail and the individual map sections are obviously smaller. It is also larger: Foreland to Bolt Tail measures 600 mm compared to 450 mm. The maps were all sold as single sheets.

Size: 650 x 670 mm.                                                                                                                       Scale (2 + 8 = 85) Three Miles to One Inch.

ORDNANCE SURVEY OF DEVONSHIRE (Da). Imprint: Photozincographed at the Ordnance Survey Office, Southampton, 1892. (CeOS). Also Price of this index sixpence. There are enlarged sketch maps of the town of Plymouth (Ae) and Exeter (Ee). Table of CHARACTERISTICS below title and a right hand table has the AREAS OF PARISHES making the complete sheet 650 x 1000 mm. Railways to Plymouth, Exeter to Torrington, through Okehampton, both lines to Tavistock and Lifton, L&SWR through Holsworthy, Exmouth, Seaton, Sidmouth, Dartmouth, Brixham, Hemyock, Taunton to Barnstaple, Ilfracombe, Ashton, Exeter to Morebath (Bampton), Tiverton, Ashburton and Moreton Hampstead.

1. 1892 Ordnance Survey Of Devonshire  
    Southampton. Ordnance Survey. 1892. BL.
2. 1892    Border added surrounding map and table of parishes. New prices, coloured and uncoloured.  
    Ordnance Survey Of Devonshire  
    Southampton. Ordnance Survey. 1892. BL.
3. 1892 New title: INDEX to the SIX INCH SCALE of the ORDNANCE SURVEY of DEVONSHIRE. Price: Price Two Shillings and Sixpence uncoloured and Three Shillings coloured (both CeOS). The individual sheet lines superimposed on the map.  
    Index to the Six Inch Scale  
    Southampton. Ordnance Survey. 1892. BL.
4. 1900 New Title: ENGLAND & WALES. DIAGRAM OF DEVONSHIRE Shewing Unions, Sanitary Districts, Boroughs and Civil Parishes; AND THE SHEET LINES OF THE ORDNANCE SURVEY MAPS ON THE SCALE OF 25.344 INCHES TO 1 MILE (1/2500) Surveyed in 1855-88. Parish areas removed, size: 650 x 740 mm. New date: Photozincographed ..., 1900. Also Price 3s (both Be). New note: N.B. The Boundaries on this Diagram are revised up to date (26-10-99) (De). Table of CHARACTERISTICS now left of title.  
    Diagram Of Devonshire  
    Southampton. Ordnance Survey. 1900. RGS.