166. Alfred H Swiss / (John Cary) 1890


A small number of maps of Devon can be found in works on hunting. The Walkers probably produced the first series, issued in Hobson’s Fox-Hunting Atlas and later as Walker’s Fox-Hunting Atlas(see 116). Edward Weller (see 136) also engraved at least one Devon hunting map: a Map of the Stag-Hunting Country in the Counties of Devon & Somerset showing West Somerset and North Devon for Collyns’ Notes on the Chase of the Wild Red Deer, 1862.

When George Frederick Cruchley´s (c.f.) stock came up for auction in 1877, Gall & Inglis bought a large part. Some of the plates sold included those of John Cary that Cruchley had acquired over thirty years previously. Among them were the plates to Cary’s New Map of England and Wales with part of Scotland of 1794 (see also 138A). The 65 sheets, first issued in 1794, covered all England and Wales with sheets 2, 3, 9, 10 and 16 covering Devon. There was minimal up-dating; railways were added and some new conurbations, e.g. Torquay, were revised but the basic map and outlying areas were almost the same as they had been in the 1820s after revision. The maps described below, the fox-hunting maps of Devon produced c.1890 and published by A H Swiss, are transfers from these plates with added railways and hunt information.

Swiss and Co., a firm operating from Devonport, seem to have specialised in hunting maps, producing maps for most English counties with hunts.1 Alfred H Swiss was registered as printer at 112 Fore Street in White’s Directory of 1878. Swiss & Co. - printers to H M Stationery Office, printers, stationers (retail), booksellers, insurance agents, map publishers and relief stampers - were still registered at that address in 1930.

Swiss and Gall & Inglis must have worked closely together as the imprints and number of counties produced show. Swiss produced three maps of Devon. The No. 1 Map covers eastern Cornwall and western Devon, but only the south portions.2 Devon is covered by two sheets: No. 2 map covers south Devon and the No. 3 map is north Devon. From adverts on the inside covers it is believed the two maps were also printed on one sheet to form a complete map of the county: an early copy has not yet been seen although the British Library does have a copy of a post 1900 edition of North and South Devon together.3 The maps themselves are usually linen-backed, folded and bound to form a small booklet. Although the maps are normally found in plain red covers, sometimes they are in yellow covers and have a hunting scene signed by Imogen Collier and dated 1891 (not restricted to the earliest state and sometimes concurrent with red covers)4. A small booklet containing the names of the various hunts, their sizes and principal officers is pasted on the inside cover. The maps themselves have a two mile vertical numbered grid and main roads and railways are coloured: the hunt meeting places are numbered in circles or squares and are coloured.

John Heydon (see also 150) published John Heydon’ Map of the Environs of Plymouth which covered most of that of Sheet 2 of Cary’s original. Another local mapseller and publisher who utilised the same plates was Arthur Westley. His map Westley’s Map of Twenty Five Miles Round Torquay claimed to be Reduced from the Ordnance Survey but actually was a transfer from the Cary plates. L Seeley, who succeeded to Westley’s business, issued a map covering largely the same area as his Map Of The Environs Of Torquay From The Ordnance Survey. Torquay booksellers, stationers and printers, L Seeley & Son had premises at Lawrence Place, Torquay, Opposite the Tree! This version must pre-date Swiss as it still shows marine information such as rocks and coastal depths later erased.

Beatrix Cresswell wrote at least two books for the Homeland Handbook series. One of these, Dartmoor and its Surroundings (St. Bride’s Press, London) included one or two maps (First and Second editions) - of North and South Dartmoor - which were transfers from the same plates as these above.5

Size of South Sheet: 620 x 872 mm.                                                                                                                                        Scale of Miles (35  =  450 mm).

Size of North Sheet: 520 x 872 mm.                                                                                                                               Scale of Miles (35 = 450 mm).

1. 1890  Map on two sheets with titles as given below. Each has a Scale above top border. Both maps have imprint: COPYRIGHT. A. H. SWISS, Printer and Publisher, 111 And 112 FORE STREET, DEVONPORT. Signature: Gall & Inglis, Edinburgh (EeOS). Notes outside the border: THE NUMBER OR MILES BETWEEN ANY TWO PLACES CAN EASILY BE ASCERTAINED BY REFERENCE TO THE ABOVE SCALE OF DISTANCES (DeOS) and A CORRESPONDING MAP, UNIFORM WITH THIS, EXTENDING TO ..., &C.. MAY BE HAD AT THE SAME PRICE (CeOS). Railways to Sidmouth (1874) and Hemyock (1876), Ashton (1882) and Launceston to Halwill Juncn (1886).   

A. H. Swiss’ Road & Railway Hunting Map Of South Devon Including a Portion of East Cornwall

    Devonport. A H Swiss. (1890). FB.6
    A. H. Swiss’ Road & Railway Hunting Map Of North Devon Including a Portion of West Somerset  
    Devonport. A H Swiss. (1890). TB.7
2.  1895            Changes to meeting places; most obviously some circles are crossed out, e.g. several meets on South sheet around Moreton Hampstead and around Cornwood. Extra hunts, e.g. blue 53-56. Most noticeable change to North map is the addition of The Exmoor Foxhounds with red squares.  
    A. H. Swiss’ Road & Railway Hunting Map Of South Devon ...    
    Devonport. A H Swiss & Co. (1895). [Pl], KB.
    A. H. Swiss’ Road & Railway Hunting Map Of North Devon ... Revised and Enlarged    
    Devonport. A H Swiss & Co. (1895).  EB, FB, KB8. 


[1] R Carroll (1996; p. 411) also notes a book on a Lincolnshire hunt, The History of the Belvoir Hunt by T F Dale, which included a lithograph fox-hunting map by Gall & Inglis By the Courtesy of Mr A H Swiss, Devonport (London, 1899).

[2] A H Swiss’ No. 1 Hunting Map – The Plymouth District shows an area from Greber Head to Start Point and inland to Stratton and Crediton.

[3] Maps 4.a.40: It covers the area from Lannsalloes and St Garis to Budleigh Salterton and Watchet in the east with an inset map of the Continuation East Of Watchet. The whole of the county north to south is shown. Later railways such as the route to Appledore, Exmouth to Budleigh and Ashton to Exeter are depicted. From the various advertisements in the booklets it would seem that this map existed as HUNTING MAP OF DEVONSHIRE. Size, 40 ins, x 36 ins, comprising both the North Devon and South Devon maps enumerated above. The same advertisement occurs in a N.Devon copy but with changes to the Meets.

[4] The Imogen Collier cover has the title: ‘No.2 [or 3] HUNTING MAP showing the Meets of Hounds [with the names and number of the hunts], the price 3/6 and the publisher’s name. The red covers have A H Swiss No. 1 [2] HUNTING MAP followed by the area covered. Price is usually 5/-. Map titles are identical.

[5] Full accounts of all these regional maps can be found in Kit Batten; Tourist Maps of Devon; Little Silver Press; 2012; listed under John Cary.

[6] The cover drawing is so dated.

[7] In T Burgess’s copy of North Devon an advertisement omits some hunts and adds others, suggesting an earlier state may exist.

[8] Two copies: one with illustrated cover by Imogen Collier (without Revised and Enlarged) with title No. 3 Hunting Map; one with plain red cover North Devon.