164. Ordnance Survey - Index Map 1888


Although the Ordnance Survey had published a map in 1885 (162) to show the New Divisions of the County they did not use this when they published a Diagram of the Sanitary Districts in 1888. The new map had the same coastline, as might be expected, but the interior detail present in the earlier map was not shown. Instead the detail was limited to showing the extent of the Sanitary Districts together with symbols for the parish towns. Although the map has no roads surprisingly it shows more railways. It does also have extra plans of Exeter and Plymouth and more references.

The map was reissued in 1891 when it had the sheetlines and reference numbers of the 1-inch and 6-inch Ordnance Survey maps and the sheetlines of the 25-inch maps superimposed . This map was sold individually as loose sheets and also as part of a complete set of the Ordnance Survey of Devonshire on the Scale of Inch to a Mile. Sizes refer to the printed area as the maps were without borders.

Size: 530 x 630 mm.                                                                                                                           Scale of this Diagram 4 Miles to 1 Inch.

DIAGRAM of the ORDNANCE SURVEY of DEVONSHIRE Shewing CIVIL PARISHES. Map has inset plans of both Exeter (Ee) and Plymouth (Ce). There is a table of References. Railways to Plymouth, Exeter to Torrington, through Okehampton, both lines to Tavistock and Lifton, L&SWR through Holsworthy, Exmouth, Seaton, Sidmouth, Hemyock, Taunton to Barnstaple, Ilfracombe, Ashton, Exeter to Morebath (Bampton), Tiverton, Ashburton and Moreton Hampstead. The line to Dartmouth has been completed with branch to Brixham. There is an erroneous line from Teign Grace directly north to Crediton. Price 2d.         

1. 1888 Diagram Of The Ordnance Survey Of Devonshire Shewing Civil Parishes - Issued as loose sheets and sold separately  
    Southampton. Ordnance Survey Office. 1888. BL.
2. 1888 DIAGRAM of the Sanitary Districts in DEVONSHIRE Shewing also CIVIL PARISHES. REFERENCE TO COLOURS with coloured U S (Urban Sanitary) Districts. Lundy Island is shown as part of Bideford Union. Teign Grace to Crediton line deleted. Price 6d.  
    Diagram Of The Sanitary Districts In Devonshire - Issuied as loose sheets and sold separately  
    Southampton. Ordnance Survey Office. 1888. BL.
3. 1891 INDEX to the ORDNANCE SURVEY of DEVONSHIRE Shewing CIVIL PARISHES. Imprint: Photozincographed and Published at the Ordnance Survey Office, Southampton, 1891. (CeOS). Price 2d. All rights of reproduction reserved. Inset plans of Exeter and Plymouth. Scale is Index not Diagram. The map has the sheet lines of both the One Inch Map (New Series) and the 6 Inches to a Mile as shown in the References table. Inset of Plymouth now (Ce) and References (Ee) with inset of Exeter above (i.e. raised).  
    Index to the Ordnance Survey of Devonshire - Issued as loose sheets sold separately   
    Southampton. Ordnance Survey Office . 1891. KB.