159. F Bryer / George Frederic Kelly 1883


In 1879 (as yet not located) or 1883 Kelly & Co. introduced a new map for their Directory of Devonshire and Cornwall to replace the earlier Becker map of 1856 (132). This map was again printed by the Cheffins company at their Steam Printing Works but the engraver employed was F Bryer. By this time Kelly’s address was Gt Queen Street, London, where they had moved to c.1870. Although many copies of the directories exist, unfortunately many have lost their maps. The Bryer map had a long life: it was still being used in the Directory of Devonshire as late as 1930, but now with advertising top and bottom [Buchanan Antiques (Exeter) above and below].

County directories were updated every 3-4 years but Kelly also produced town directories taking over Exeter from Besley, Torquay and Paignton (from 1928), Barnstaple and Neighbourhood (1931), Newton Abbot (1935), Plymouth and District (1935) and the county directory was discontinued after 1939.

Size: 482 x 510 mm.                                                                                                                                                       Scale of Miles (8 = 50 mm).

KELLY’S MAP OF DEVON. Imprints: Cheffins Steam Printing Works; 6 Castle St. London, E.C. (AeOS), London: Kelly’s Directory Office 51 Gt. Queen Street (CeOS) and Engraved by F. Bryer, 19 Craven St. Strand, London (EeOS). Plain border and no detail outside the county boundary.

1.  1883  Kelly’s Directory of Devonshire and Cornwall with Maps Engraved Expressly for the Work  
    London. Kelly and Co. 1883. E.
2. 1889 Title is now moved (Ae) and is on 3 lines (not two). Only Kelly’s imprint remains. Town plan insets are added: PLAN OF EXETER (107 x 126 mm) (Ea); and PLAN OF PLYMOUTH (125 x 150 mm) (Ee). Both with their own scale bars: 2 inches to 1 mile and 2 ½ inches to 1 mile. Railways: Exeterto Bampton, Holsworthy-Bude, Launceston-Looe-Liskeard-Padstow, Lee Moor, Tavistock West with junction to Calstock, Plymouth branch and Pomphlet (Yealmpton line).  
    Kelly’s Directory of Devonshire and Cornwall   
    London. Kelly and Co. 1889. E, NDL, KB.
3. 1893 Imprint changed: London: Kelly’s Directories Limited 182 to 184 High Holborn WC (CeOS). Railway to Kingsbridge and projected Yealmpton-Modbury and to Turnchapel; Bude and Calstock links now shown pecked. The Plymouth inset is updated with railway link and housing.  
    Kelly’s Directory of Devonshire and Cornwall  
    London. Kelly and Co. 1893. Truro,KB1.
4. 1897 Railways to Turnchapel, Yealmpton and Modbury, Lynton, Budleigh Salterton and Westward Ho! Some Cornwall lines are erased. Projected lines: Torrington to Okehampton, Ashton to Exeter. The word ‘Barracks’ is erased from Princetown.  
    Kelly’s Directory of Devonshire and Cornwall  
    London. Kelly and Co. 1897. E.
5. 1900            Railway Ashton to Exeter. Both inset plans have further street changes. The Parliamentary Districts are listed above the Plymouth inset with a note that ‘the figures on the map denote the elevation above the sea level’.  
     Kelly’s Directory of Devonshire and Cornwall  
    London. Kelly and Co. (1900). Pl2.

[1] Devonshire section only (pages 1-1008) with no title page. Probably taken from a copy of Devonshire and Cornwall as these were usually, but not always, bound together. Last text in date is now (1893), e.g. p.5.

[2] This may be an error as most listings use 1902 as the next publication date.