156. John Bartholomew / A & C Black - Key Map 1882


Adam and Charles Black are probably best remembered for their guide books. From c.1862 they produced the Guide To Devonshire (142): these road and railway guides should find a corner in the portmanteau of every person about to undertake a journey of pleasure or business. The guide was revised and reprinted (with its own pagination) in 1882 and contained a new county map by John Bartholomew (see 150) and an index map of the county printed on the inside cover.1

Size: 145 x 190 mm.                                                                                                                                                                                No scale.

KEY MAP OF DEVONSHIRE (Ee). Signature: J. Bartholomew. Edin. (EeOS). Map sections named with page number, outlined and all over-printed in red. Railways to date. Dashed lines represent the sections of the book, dotted lines for county boundary.

1. 1882

Black‘s Guide To Devonshire. Eleventh Edition 

    Edinburgh: Adam and Charles Black. 1882, 1883, 1883 (1884). KB; E; KB.
 2. 1885 Railway now shown to Ashton passing Chudleigh.  
    Black`s Guide To Devonshire. Twelfth Edition.  
    Edinburgh: A & C Black. 1885, 1886, 1886 (1888).  TQ, GUL; E, NDL; KB, Pl.
3. 1889  Signature: John Bartholomew & Co. Edinr. (EeOS). The red over-printing of the North Section boundary now follows the county boundary. Railways: L&SWR Tavistock to Plymouth, Launceston to Halwell (not named) and Exeter to Bampton.  
    Black`s Guide To Devonshire. Thirteenth Edition.           
    Edinburgh: Adam and Charles Black. 1889, 1889 (1890), 1889 (1891). E; KB; KB.
4. 1892            Signature: J Bartholomew. Edinr. Map sections names and numbers strengthened; typeface altered for SECTION notes. North Devon now on p.167.  
    Black`s Guide To Devonshire. Fourteenth Edition.   
    London and Edinburgh: Adam and Charles Black. 1892.  Pl, TQ, KB.
5. 1894 Imprint: Published by A & C Black. London. (CeOS). Halwell Junction not named.  
    Black`s Guide To Devonshire. Fourteenth Edition.             
    London and Edinburgh. Adam and Charles Black. 1892 (1894).  E, FB.
6.  1895            SKETCH MAP OF DEVONSHIRE. Reference to SECTIONS removed leaving dotted boundaries. Railway lines thickened and added; some Cornish lines, e.g. Launceston-Camelford with projected to Wadebridge; Bude and Halwell Junction with projected Holsworthy-Bude.  
    Black`s Guide To Devonshire. Fourteenth Edition.  
    London and Edinburgh. Adam and Charles Black. 1895.     E.
    Black`s Guide To Devonshire. ... Edited by A R Hope Moncrieff ... Fifteenth Edition.   
    London and Edinburgh. Adam and Charles Black. 1895.  C, E, KB.
7. 1898  

Railways: Bude, Ashton-Exeter, Launceston-Wadebridge, to Yealmpton with projected (dotted) to Modbury, to Budleigh Salterton and projected to Exmouth.

    Black`s Guide To Devonshire. Sixteenth Edition.    
    London and Edinburgh. Adam and Charles Black. 1898, 1898 (1901).  MW; KB.

[1] The first editions had an index map including both Cornwall and Dorset, not included here. These guides were printed by R & R Clark of Edinburgh.