151. Thomas Murby 1874


Thomas Murby was active from 1860 until the early-1880s.1 His first publications were books of music for schools. In 1861 he printed a set of musically arranged tales and songs for Chambers’s Library for Young People after which he seems to have specialised in the educational sector producing books on a wide variety of subjects. Books on arithmetic, children’s readers, lessons in animal physiology and even a grammar came out of his publishing house.

Thomas Murby produced a part series of educational booklets with maps c.1874.2 Apparently only a few counties were published, each containing a brief description of the county taken from existing sources, together with a county map: Stafford, Norfolk, Kent, Surrey, Middlesex, Devon and a double sheet map of Yorkshire. Some of the maps in this series were engraved by W Dickes, who was known as an illustrator and publisher who experimented with the Baxter process, whereby printing is carried out using oil colours from several blocks, both wood and copper.3

Murby produced few other maps: apart from this series he published a series of wall maps of the continents (and one map of Palestine), all produced photolithographically from reliefs (c.1874), but he did publish a small atlas of 16 maps, Murby’s Scholars’ Atlas (c.1878).

Size: 100 x 135 mm.                                                                                                                                                       English Miles (10 = 15 mm).



1. 1874 Murby’s County Geographies  
    London. T Murby. (1874). BL.

[1] Although the British Library has two scripture manuals attributed to Thomas Murby dated 1913, these are probably reissues or by another Murby.

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