132. F P Becker / Frederic Kelly 1856


Frederic Kelly (fl.1845-1900) founded Kelly & Co., the London-based publishers who specialised in directories, the first, London, was produced in 1843 from his Post Office Directory offices at Old Boswell Court (later from Temple Bar, 1845-68). The first County Directories appeared c.1845 and they  included maps of the relevant county/counties. Devon appeared in 1856 and was re-issued at approximately five year intervals well into the next century with updated maps (easily identifiable having the title Post Office Map Of ...). In c.1860 a complete work was issued, the Post Office Directory Atlas. Francis Becker, (noted for his work for Besley, 121, 134) and Benjamin Rees Davies (Dispatch Atlas, 136) engraved most of the 45 maps. In 1883 the directory was issued with a new map (see 159) although copies for 1879 have been recorded but not seen.1 Cheffins & Sons carried out work for Kelly and produced zincographed railway maps and one county map.2 C F Cheffins was a well-known lithographer of topographical views, railway and shipping subjects and even westcountry views (e.g. Scenery in the North of Devon, c.1837). He worked for Day and Haghe (the forerunners of Day & Son, later Vincent Brooks, Day & Son) before setting up on his own.3

Size: 220 x 270 mm.                                                                                                                                        Scale of Miles  (16  =  48mm).

POST OFFICE MAP OF DEVONSHIRE 1856. Imprints: Kelly & Co. Post Office Directory Offices 19, 20, & 21, Old Boswell Court, Clements Inn, Strand. Signature: Drawn & Engraved by F.P.Becker & Co. 11 Stationers Court, City (EeOS). Note below title (Ed) of Polling Places and Post Office Money Order Towns. Shows incorrect routes of railways to Torquay, Barnstaple, Tiverton and projected (pecked) to Exmouth, (incorrect) Newton Abbot to Ashburton and to Stolford in Somerset (never completed).

Further signature (assumed): Printed from Stone by C F Cheffins & Son London. (AeOS).

1. 1860 The Post Office Directory Of Devonshire  
    London. Kelly & Co. 1856  DevA4.
2. 1860 Date removed. L&SWR Exeter to Axminster.  
    The Post Office Directory Atlas Of England And Wales    
    London. Kelly & Co. (1860).                                                                       BL5, C, W, CB.
3. 1866 Signatures erased. Date 1866 added. Railways to Plymouth, into Cornwall from Plymouth, Kingswear, Exmouth and Plymouth-Lydford-Launceston; projected to Okehampton and Bude and Lydford, Kingsbridge, Torrington, Taunton to Barnstaple. Population revised to 584,531.  
    The Post Office Directory Of Devonshire    
    London. Kelly & Co. 1866. DevA6. 
    The Post Office Directory of Somerset and Devon with Bristol    
    London. Kelly & Co. 1866.     KB.
4.  1873  Imprint: Kelly & Co. Post Office Directory Offices 51 Gt. Queen St. London W. C. and new signature: J M JOHNSON & SONS, LITHO. 56, HATTON GARDEN,LONDON. (AeOS). Date 1873. Lines to Brixham, Moreton Hampstead and Totnes-Ashburton (correct); projected to Ilfracombe, Hemyock, Ashton, Seaton and Watchet to Dulverton (never built). Polling Places and Money Order Towns note removed.    
    The Post Office Directory Of Devonshire    
     London. Kelly & Co.1873.  DevA.

[1] According to a popular listing copies should be at B, Plymouth, GL, NLS and ULC but the first two entries are incorrect.

[2] Hertfordshire, appeared c.1857 by Cheffins & Sons, Lith, Southampton Bgs. London, at a scale of 7 miles to 70 mm.

[3] Ian Mackenzie; 1988; p. 78.

[4] The Exeter map is partly destroyed and has right half only.

[5] Includes an advertisement for an 1861 P.O. Directory.

[6]  Map is very torn.