127. Joshua Archer / H G Collins 1852


Considering the number of atlases published by Henry George Collins (fl.1849-59) surprisingly little is known about him. He had premises at 22 Paternoster Row in London, a popular address for publishers, and seems to have specialised in buying old plates and producing reissues. Probably between 1850 and 18521 Collins produced his Pocket Ordnance Railway Atlas of Great Britain. As with Collins’ previous atlases and folding maps, the maps in the Pocket Ordnance were based on earlier engraved maps. Collins had already exploited maps by Cole and Roper (67), Robert Rowe (81), William Ebden (95), and Henry Teesdale (99) and the new series was no exception. Although it is not sure that he produced the county maps specially for the Pocket Ordnance Railway Atlas, Joshua Archer, a well-known engraver of county maps (see 67 and 108), had produced a map of England and Wales for Collins Indestructible Atlas and Collins One Shilling Atlas. It was transfers of these plates which were then taken and used to produce the following county atlas. The maps were on stiff card which was glued together in a leather wallet to be carried in the pocket.

Although the small maps have no scale the text explains what scale was used and the Devon text reports that the width of the map equals 70 miles. No roads are shown, only hachured hills and some towns with the railways, as completed by 1848.

Size: 76 x 53 mm.                                                                                                                                                                Scale is irrelevant.

DEVON. above plate number - 7 - (CaOS). Railway to Plymouth and branches to Torquay (Torre) and Tiverton.

1. 1852 Collins´ Pocket Ordnance Railway Atlas of Great Britain      (FB).
    London. H G Collins. (1852).     BL, KB.

[1] Chubb (1972) suggested 1852, but Raymond Carroll (1996; p. 299) suggests 1850 as a possibility.