122. F P Becker / Henry Besley – Devonshire I 1846


The first edition of Route Book Of Devon (see 121) included a Route Map. For the second edition Henry Besley also included a general county map, based on the larger J & C Walker map of 1836 (116). At first glance it seems similar in style and layout, however it can quickly be distinguished from the Walker map as the former has NORTHERN DIVISION and SOUTHERN DIVISION written across the map whereas Besley simply has the two letters N and S. The Walker is also larger (320 x 385 mm).

This county map only appeared in two editions of the Route Book. A second New Edition appeared c.1854 and a new, larger map was included (see 128). The imprint states that Henry Besley both printed and published the map (although the accompanying Route Map was by F P Becker).

Although not actually dated, the text of the first and second editions refers to the railway terminating at Teignmouth; this was opened on 31st May 1846. The county population is given as 495,186 (Walker´s 1841 figure was 533,462) and Parliamentary Representation is 18 members for 10 Boroughs. Tables show Places of Election, Divisions and Hundreds.

Size: 238 x 288 mm.                                                                                                                 English Miles 69.1 - 1 Degree (8F+15 = 48 mm).

DEVONSHIRE (Ed). Imprint: Printed & Published by Henry Besley, Directory Office, South Street, Exeter.  (CeOS). The proposed railway to Exeter is shown as a pecked line.


1. 1846   The Route Book Of Devon ... Second Edition  
    Exeter. H Besley. (1846).1 BL, RGS, DevA, KB.
2. 1850  The railway is now shown as solid line to Plymouth.  
    The Route Book Of Devon... New Edition  
    Exeter. H Besley. (1850).  DevA, KB.

[1] For notes on dates of publication of these Route Books see notes to entry 121.